Statement of purpose guidelines

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Review your essay by asking yourself the following questions:

Are my goals well articulated?
Do I explain why I have selected this school and/or program?
Do I demonstrate knowledge of the program?
Do I include interesting details that prove my claims about myself?
Is my tone confident?


1. Please give more importance in writing SOP, most of them takes it very easy
2. Don't underestimate the length of time it will take to write your statement of purpose
3. Don't give your SOP work to be done by someone else
4. Don't include all your activities, just something which is more important is enough
5. Don't use any particular name of universities; always prepare a general SOP that can be used for many universities
6. Avoid lengthy personal or philosophical discussions unless the instructions specifically ask for them
7. Don't exceed more than two pages
8. Avoid grammatical or spelling mistakes this will show your carelessness is writing this SOP.


1. Always prepare a rough draft or outline of topics. Mostly the topics will include professional career goals, academic interests, research experience, practical experience, special skill sets and reason for choosing a course
2. Always find the course requirement from the university and stick to the points which are specified by university
3. Emphasize everything from a positive perspective and write in an active voice
4. Demonstrate your skill sets by experience
5. Your essay should be well organised and everything is linked with continuity and focus
6. Pay more attention to first paragraph
7. Ask others to proof read your statement of purpose.

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