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Austria has a highly industrial infrastructure as well as social and economic stability. More than 400,000 companies have been founded in the last 15 years. There are a large number of small and medium-sized businesses, including about three hundred international company headquarters. The most significant industrial branches include the food industries, the machine and steel industry, chemical and vehicle industry and electric and electronic industry.

The higher education location of Austria unites three very important aspects: a great number of high quality tertiary education institutions in all nine federal provinces, a long academic tradition and a flexible atmosphere for creativity and innovation. In many areas the Austrian institutions have accomplished outstanding achievements on an international level and gained high reputation.

The Austrian educational system offers you a broad spectrum of educational opportunities, making Austria an ideal place for studying and living.
In contrast to the size of its population, Austria is home to a number of universities that have produced some of the best in a lot of fields from music to art and everything in between. Students who aim to study in Austria can choose from a plethora of universities. These universities form a part of the framework that are known as institutions that impart quality tertiary education

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